Mara Hoffman + Havaianas Make The Perfect Pair!

Mara Hoffman Havaianas

We sat down with CFDA designer Mara Hoffman to get the scoop on the inspiration behind her new flip flop collection for Havaianas .  As of April 1st, you can snag a printed pair of flip flops on And, if you’re feeling lucky, you can also enter to win a pair here:


Tell us about the inspiration behind this collection

The prints in this collaboration came from our Resort Swim 14 collection, which pulled references from Indian mythology and artwork. The Ananda print has birds that represent happiness and a free-spirit, while the Rays print is a little more abstract and represents rays of sunlight.

Why Havaianas? Any fun story about what Havaianas mean to you?

I’ve always been a huge fan of Havaianas;  they are a classic summer wardrobe staple. Both brands are all about embracing color, comfort, and the beach lifestyle.

Where is your next warm weather destination/ where are you next wearing those awesome flip flops?

I actually just got back from a family vacation at Turks & Caicos so I probably don’t have much warm weather ahead until we go to Miami for our swim show this July! I’ll be wearing these flip flops all summer though.