Strategic Partnerships Group

Our network of partners gains the unique opportunity to join with our Members and work to mutually develop progressive ideas and new business.

The CFDA’s Strategic Partnerships Group (SPG)  is a community of high profile businesses, both in the fashion industry and outside, which creates custom programming that meets their needs while providing tangible value to CFDA members. The purpose of SPG is to create strategic access, value, and opportunity for new business development with the shared vision of supporting CFDA members and their businesses.

Corporate Affiliates are businesses who join the CFDA and gain access to the membership by creating meaningful business driven benefits for CFDA members. In addition, Corporate Affiliates host educational events or roundtables related to their industry expertise and make their services accessible to CFDA members at the most relevant and senior level.


Corporate Affiliates

  • Barbie (Mattel) [Show Info]

  • Century 21 [Show Info]

  • Covet Fashion [Show Info]

  • Credit Suisse [Show Info]

  • Designers & Agents [Show Info]

  • eBay Marketplaces [Show Info]

  • Editorialist [Show Info]

  • Established Brands [Show Info]

  • Fashion GPS [Show Info]

  • Hugo & Marie [Show Info]

  • Intel [Show Info]

  • Karen Harvey Consulting Group [Show Info]

  • Lexus [Show Info]

  • Li & Fung [Show Info]

  • Luxottica Group [Show Info]

  • Melissa [Show Info]

  • Spring [Show Info]

  • Starbucks [Show Info]

  • Swarovski [Show Info]

  • Tide [Show Info]

  • The Samsung Fashion and Design Fund [Show Info]

  • The Woolmark Company [Show Info]

Member Benefits

  • BOX [Show Info]

  • CBIZ MHM, LLC [Show Info]

  • Fashion Project [Show Info]

  • FedEx [Show Info]

  • First Corporate Sedans [Show Info]

  • Hand Baldachin & Amburgey LLP [Show Info]

  • RZ Retail Advisors [Show Info]

  • Le Souk [Show Info]

  • TheRunthrough [Show Info]

  • Villency Design Group [Show Info]