Third Annual “Best New Menswear Designers in America” — Billy Reid Announced Winner

GQ Showcases the Finalist in the Third Annual “Best New Menswear Designers in America” Project

GQ’s mantra of “Look sharp, and live smart” was on full display last night as the magazine celebrated the Best New Menswear Designer nominees for 2010 along with the CFDA, Levi’s, and Bloomingdale’s. The third annual event certainly brought together the sharpest and smartest examples from all the diverse aspects of American men’s fashion.

Within the curved glass walls of the Gehry designed IAC building, sharply edited collections from the six nominees were beautifully showcased for guests to be able to get up close and personal and see the best looks from each of the talented designers. Having previously presented their collections to the panel of judges, the candidates were able to have a little fun on the first night of fashion week and enjoy being in the evenings spotlight.

Nominee Richard Chai, coming from Bryant Park, took it all in stride even though his week couldn’t be busier. “I just had my women’s show in the tents a few hours ago, with an event with Barney’s on Sunday, followed up by my men’s show on Monday- its all just fantastic.” Designer Frank Muytjens won over the crowd with his seasoned modern philosophy for J.Crew, while newcomer Caulfield Preparatory by Vincent Flumiani found the inclusion to be a valuable learning experience adding “Since I’ve only been in the business for a year, the advice from GQ Fashion Director Jim Moore has been really indispensable.”

Unis designer Eunice Lee, has forged her own very unique perspective on menswear “It’s really been such an honor being included as the only female nominee in the group.” Pondering the possibility of winning the prize money for Ben Burkman of  Burkman Bros realistically stated “We’d probably just use the money to pay off all our bills!”

“Its been really great to meet all of the designers,” said Alabama based Billy Reid. “The process has been a little bit like going back to school.” With a grand prize of $50,000, a mentor program, and a special collaboration with Levi’s for Bloomingdale’s at stake, Angelo Urrutia from the 2008 winning team of Engineered Garments had this scholarly advice for this years winner “to just be smart, and spend the money wisely.”

Billy Reid will now have to take that advice to heart because GQ announced that he’ll be the lucky recipient of the grand prize as the next Best New Menswear Designers in America for 2010. Congratulations!

Also at the event,  Steven Kolb & Diane von Furstenberg, Kevin Harter, Sam Shipley and Jeff Halmos, Derrick & Kirk Miller of Barker Black, Thom Browne, Stefan Miljanic, and  Victor Glemaud.