The CFDA & Editorialist Spotlight: Melissa Joy Manning

Melissa Joy Manning

Hybrid luxury online magazine and e-commerce site Editorialist has partnered with the CFDA in an effort to bring support and added visibility to American accessories designers. The CFDA and Editorialist will work together to identify vanguard accessories designers for the Spotlight series. The Accessories Spotlight will launch with an exclusive capsule jewelry collection from designer Melissa Joy Manning on September 1st, and will follow with a featured collection from hat designer, Eugenia Kim, on October 1st.  The spotlighted designers will be featured in a CFDA X EDITORIALIST accessories spotlight on the home page of each month for the duration of the partnership. See Melissa Joy Manning’s spotlight below.

CFDA Exclusive: Accessories Spotlight

Melissa Joy Manning

Inducted into the CFDA in 2011 and co-chair of the CFDA Sustainability Committee, jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning’s work is a celebration of nature’s beauty. With a high level of environmental awareness, Manning’s particular brand of eco-conscious jewelry is sourced and produced using sustainable methodologies.

In her exclusive collection for the Editorialist, Manning translates the scenery of Death Valley and the Moroccan Sand Dunes into a compelling collection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Crafted out of recycled gold and dotted with a mix of Australian opals and natural pearls, Manning’s hand-worked pieces are enriched by organic textures and natural color plays. Capturing the Earth’s phenomena in everything from pendant necklaces to pearl-dotted ear “huggies,” Manning impresses a high fashion non-carbon footprint.