Safety and Fairness in the Workplace

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A note from CFDA President, Diane von Furstenberg, regarding safety and fairness in the workplace:


To CFDA Members,

What happened in Bangladesh is a tragedy and a harsh reminder that it is our obligation as designers to make sure our factories are a safe place to work and that the workers are respected. At DVF we ask our suppliers and partners to follow the attached below “Code of Conduct” to emphasize our commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.  I share our “Code” with you as a template in case you do not have one. I also encourage you to have your production team visit directly with your supplier partners to see firsthand the working conditions and treatment of workers. As I am sure you are aware, there are third party vendors who can audit and inspect for you as well. It is important to know who you work with and to ensure safety and fairness in the workplace.

Diane von Furstenberg

CFDA President

DVF 2013 Supplier Code of Conduct (link to PDF)

DVF 2013 Supplier Certification Document (link to PDF)