Patrick Robinson Releases PASKHO


It’s this quality that inspires us, excites us, and drives us towards our goals. It’s also a quality that reflects CFDA designer Patrick Robinson’s approach to life which is why he’s named his latest line of luxury active wear and lounge clothing for men and women, PASKHO, which means “passion” in ancient Greek.

The brand is now available on, which funds creative endeavors ranging from film and technology to art and design. If collaborating with a CFDA designer has ever been a passion of yours, now Robinson has made this possible through PASKHO. Proceeds raised from will fulfill orders for PASKHO and customers have the ability to voice their opinions and recommendations. Robinson’s goal with PASKHO has been to connect with consumers and encourage feedback, making consumer participation an integral part of the design and production process. Consumers who support PASKHO on Kickstarter are eligible for special incentives based on the amount pledged, such as clothing, signed sketches, and even dinner with Robinson himself.

Later this month the collection will launch on and will consist of active wear, lounge wear, and urban clothing. For more information visit PASKHO’s Kickstarter page here or visit