Marcus Wainwright and David Neville (Rag & Bone)

Marcus Wainwright and David Neville (Rag & Bone)

In 2002 — with no formal fashion training — British transplants Marcus Wainwright and David Neville formed the Rag & Bone label (an old English term used to describe a man who collects unwanted items). Marcus and David’s first priority was to learn how to make jeans, as they believe jeans represent history, authenticity, and fundamentals. They had a simple mission for Rag & Bone: to create clothes that they and their friends would love to wear everyday. Commenting on their lack of fashion training, Marcus stated that starting with a blank slate has been a great experience – one that has enhanced their creativity because they were not constrained by what they had already been taught.

Having begun their work in Kentucky using U.S. factories, Marcus and David surrounded themselves with people who had been making patterns, cutting fabric, and sewing for their entire careers. Working with these experts taught them the importance of quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail early on. These principles soon became the foundation of the Rag & Bone philosophy and the definition of what clothing can and should be. With these principles in mind, Marcus and David chose to have all of Rag & Bone’s manufacturing done in U.S. factories that still make clothes in the same way that they did fifty years ago. Marcus and David want their garments to be timeless and for the Rag & Bone label to stand for quality.

After debuting their menswear collection in the fall of 2004 with much success, Marcus and David quickly expanded their label to include a complete womenswear collection in the fall of 2005. By the fall/winter of 2007, they added a Rag & Bone accessories collection for both men and women. The label has grown even further, to include children’s clothing and shoes – which is all available in their West Village store.

Rag & Bone was a 2006 CFDA/VOGUE Fashion Fund finalist, and won the 2007 CFDA Swarovski Award for Menswear.

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