Five Questions with Trey Laird

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No one has a vision quite like Trey Laird, who has art-directed the CFDA Fashion Awards Journal and designed the CFDA Fashion Awards invitation for several years.  So, on the day the CFDA Fashion Awards Invitation arrived to the CFDA offices, we thought we’d ask Mr. Laird himself 5 questions about his CFDA experiences.

1. What was the inspiration behind this year’s CFDA journal?

The inspiration for this year’s CFDA journal was the sophistication of classic fine stationery but given a chic, fashion twist.

2. How do you make the invite different each year?

We make the invitation different each year by first looking at the CFDA identity and then considering the special feeling of the awards night for that year. We try to mash it up in a fresh way each year. We’re always trying to do something new.

3. What’s the design process behind designing an invitation for the CFDA Fashion Awards?

I always start the process by having a conversation with Diane von Furstenberg. She gives me some great buzz words, as only DVF can, and then we go from there.

4. What is the most exciting part of the CFDA Fashion Awards?

To me, the most exciting part of the CFDAs is the cocktail right before the awards begin. It’s your chance get to talk to everyone. It’s then one time when the whole fashion community comes together in one place.

5. What is your favorite CFDA Fashion Award memory?

My favorite CFDA Award memory is the first one that I went to. Donna Karan was nominated for designer of the year and she brought Barbra Streisand. Giorgio Armani presented the award to Donna. Audrey Hepburn was there with Ralph Lauren.