CFDA Fashion Calendar Update

Starting in February 2014 with the Fall/Winter 2014 shows, the CFDA will take a more active and visible role in the scheduling of Fall, Spring, Resort, and Pre-Fall shows and presentations, working with Ruth Finley and the Fashion Calendar. The CFDA will create its own version of the Fashion Week calendar online in order to provide a modern, user-friendly mode of access to its members and the press. The Fashion Calendar will also continue to serve its subscribers, as it always has, with its printed and online listings of Fashion Week events.

The new CFDA Calendar will be available on and will provide the ability to sort the New York Fashion Week events by multiple categories, including menswear, womenswear, accessories, geographic location of venue and runway shows vs. presentations.  Some of these new sorts may also be available in the Fashion Calendar and Fashion Calendar online.

The Fashion Calendar and the CFDA are working together to coordinate the scheduling and presentation of information for Fashion Week in the following ways:

•  Requests for Fashion Week scheduling will be emailed to the Fashion Calendar at and to CFDA at
•  Fashion Calendar and the CFDA will communicate on a daily basis to update the calendar.
•  The CFDA will complete several user-friendly sorts of the Fashion Week schedule, which it will make accessible to its Members and to the press on
•  The CFDA will create a tool on its website that allows a password-enabled user to create his or her own customized personal schedule for attending and keeping track of Fashion Week events.

Please note that the CFDA’s work with the Fashion Calendar in the scheduling and listing of fashion events is limited to the two Fashion Weeks in February and September, and the two pre-collection weeks.  For all other fashion events during the year, the Fashion Calendar will continue to be the sole resource for scheduling and listing dates.


E-mail with any questions.