The Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award


In 2009, CFDA and Art Ortenberg — Liz Claiborne’s husband and business partner — established the Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award,an additional,special award within the CFDA’s existing Scholarship Program.

This prestigious design award program recognizes the important contribution that Liz Claiborne made to the fashion industry and brings her innovative design aesthetic into the classrooms at the country’s leading design colleges and universities.  A specialized teaching curriculum designed for this program challenges students to translate and re-interpret Claiborne’s concept of design — “fit the way you live” — to dress women of the 21st century.

The $25,000 Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship Award is presented to the student who best addresses the lifestyle and needs of women, given the current culture and world in which she lives and works — based on specific guidelines.  The award is based solely on merit, as judged by a prestigious panel of industry experts.  The award must be used towards the student’s senior year tuition and/or educational expenses. The winner attends and is announced at the annual CFDA Fashion Awards in June.


2015 Liz Claiborne Design Scholar

Noa Leowald Hu                       School of the Art Institute of Chicago


2015 Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship  – Excellence in Technical Design

Isabella Spataro                         Pratt Institute


2015 Liz Claiborne Design Scholarship – Honorable Mentions

Jessica Ferreira                          Savannah College of Art and Design

Application & Guidelines

Scholarship Application & Guidelines available only through CFDA’s Participating Schools.