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The CFDA has launched a service-driven platform to American design houses this September New York Fashion Week – International Daily Reviews on

With KCD championing the idea and garnering worldwide support for it, the CFDA has established a hub where readers can easily access New York Fashion Week Reviews from top daily newspapers around the world.

“The top international reviews will now be at the fingertips of designers, publicists and fashion followers during New York Fashion Week allowing the CFDA to provide a service that immediately communicates the true global importance of our shows, “ said Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA.

The reviews will appear simultaneously as posted on the newspapers’ originating sites. Included this season are Vanessa Friedman of the Financial Times, Carine Bizet of Le Monde,  Fabio Maria Damato of MFFashion, Paola Pollo of Corriere Della Sera, Laura Asnaghi of La Repubblica, Daniela Fedi of Il Giornale, Luke Leitch of The Daily Telegraph, Godfrey Deeny of Le Figaro, Susanna Lau of The Independent.


Access the participating publications here.