The CFDA Fashion Incubator 3.0 class

 Dezso by Sara Beltrán

The fashion stylist-turned-designer and artist, Sara Beltrán, began her fashion career in New York City after graduating college. From 2008, Beltrán spent three years in Jaipur, India where she set up her studio. She currently considers New York her home but she continues to work on her collections in India and travels there frequently as well as to the beaches of Mexico where she sources some of her materials.

Ever since she was a child, Beltrán has been fascinated by the ocean and travels to different beaches around the world. Dezso, the word for desire in Latin stands for her love for the ocean, which continues to emerge in her collections, and hence shells and shark teeth have become some of her signature motifs, which have become synonymous with Dezso.

When Beltran first started her collection these shapes were created though molding and casting shells and fossilized shark teeth in 18k rose gold that she found at the ocean. However, overtime since she began working in Jaipur she experienced a whole new exploration in the world of stones and she began hand-carving semi-precious and precious stones into the shape of seashells. Emeralds, blue tiger-eye, coral, labradorite, diamonds, and kyanite stones frequently emerge in her collections.

Colors are always inspired by the ocean and by special moments in her life. It is known that surfers use shark’s teeth for protection when going in the water.

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