You Can’t Fake Fashion 2013

It’s an inexorable truth: you can’t fake fashion. Creativity and inspiration are interwoven into an original design’s seams; take those components away and a design loses all meaning. Yet fashion counterfeiting continually remains a threat to the authenticity of fashion designers’ works. This is just one reason that the CFDA has teamed with eBay for a third year in a row to combat fashion piracy and the selling of fake designs. This year’s “You Can’t Fake Fashion” resulted in a 7 day auction of 90 designer tote bags and raised roughly over $60, 000. While the opportunity to bid may have ended, fashion enthusiasts still have 10 more days to purchase the CFDA “You Can’t Fake Fashion” tote for $50. The “You Can’t Fake Fashion” tote-bag not only allows the support of original designs, it also affords the opportunity to take the message to the streets.