What’s the Best Way to Evaluate Your Advertising and Marketing?

By Michael Norton, SVP, Executive Creative Director at Arnell Group

With everything that you do to promote your brand, whether it’s traditional advertising, in-store events or product placement, ask yourself if it has both WOW and WOM (word-of-mouth) factors. At Arnell Group, it’s always been our mission to create ideas and campaigns that get people to say “WOW.” Big, powerful, show-stopping, game-changing ideas. One of our signature WOW moments was painting the iconic DKNY logo on a wall in Soho. It became a New York landmark and inspired a whole new approach to outdoor advertising. So we always encourage clients to think big. But we also insist that our clients get the critical WOM they need. Our Super Bowl spot for Reebok, “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker,” became a YouTube sensation, proving that humor is one of the best ways to engage consumers. People love to be entertained.

Today, digital chatter fuels consumer awareness and perception – in fact, if they don’t type your name, you don’t exist. Traditional gatekeepers have lost some of their power to the influence of anybody and everybody with a keypad. This makes it imperative to have a clearly defined strategy, image and voice in all digital activity. Even your Twitter feed, which appears casual, needs to be thoughtful.

WOW is that beautiful convergence of strategy, creative and perfect timing. And fashion brands should always be ahead of the curve, so even if you’re selling nostalgia, you look fresh. You want to connect to an emotional desire that consumers don’t even know they have yet.

If you WOW people, they’ll WOM you. And if you’re timing is right, you’ll become a sensation. At Arnell Group, we’ve been using this process for over 30 years. To see our rich history of brand creation and transformation, check us out at arnell.com.

Arnell Group is the leading expert in brand invention and transformation, working with many fashion and retail brands to create market-smart strategies, iconic advertising, breakthrough design and brand innovation plans. A great way to get to know them is to accept their invitation for an Innovation Roundtable, which you can apply to any marketing challenge you have on your agenda. For further information, please contact Michael Norton, SVP, Executive Creative Director, at 212.343.5857 or mnorton@arnell.com.