Meet the New CFDA Members


It’s that time of year! Our Board of Directors ratified the addition of 30 new designers to our roster, which brings our total Membership to 478. We are thrilled to welcome these designers to our CFDA family…

Linda Balti, AMOUR VERT

Raan Parton, APOLIS

Shea Parton, APOLIS

Arielle Shapiro, ARI DEIN

Ashley Pittman, ASHLEY PITTMAN


Doug Burkman, BURKMAN BROS

Carlos Campos, CARLOS CAMPOS

Clare Vivier, CLARE VIVIER

Danielle Sherman, EDUN


Eva Zuckerman, EVA FEHREN

Jonathan Simkhai, JONATHAN SIMKHAI

Jussara Lee, JUSSARA LEE

Barbara McReynolds, L.A. EYEWORKS

Gai Gherardi, L.A. EYEWORKS

Liya Kebede, LEMLEM

Kristy Caylor, MAIYET

Marc Alary, MARC ALARY

Paige Novick, PAIGE NOVICK

Ruthie Davis, RUTHIE DAVIS

Virginie Promeyrat, SELIMA DESIGN

Sharon Khazzam, SHARON KHAZZAM

Johnny Talbot, TALBOT RUNHOF

Tim Coppens, TIM COPPENS

Ulla Johnson, ULLA JOHNSON

Veronica Miele Beard, VERONICA BEARD

Veronica Swanson Beard, VERONICA BEARD

Cynthia Sakai, VITA FEDE

Whitney Pozgay, WHIT



CFDA admissions occur each spring. Prospective CFDA Members must contact the CFDA to request admissions materials.  Eligible candidates may be American citizens designing in the United States or abroad or foreign nationals with businesses based in the United States. The application for membership includes a resume, a portfolio, and other materials that represent the candidate’s work to date, and two letters of recommendation from active CFDA Members in the same area of design. The Admissions Committee who then recommends selected candidates for membership to the Board of Directors, which must ratify each candidate, reviews all submissions.