Spotlight on the CFDA Fashion Awards Trova

Spotlight on: TROVA

Past Honors:
He is the Award.

In the world of awards statues, the Trova stands alone. While Oscar is sleek, Tony is two-faced, Grammy is old fashioned, Emmy is reaching and the Golden Globe is, well, round. Trova, with its flip-top head, convertible back and open heart, is not conventionally beautiful, but more a jolie-laide – what the French call a not traditionally beautiful person that is nevertheless striking. The statue “is very enduring,” said Stan Herman, who was CFDA president from 1991-2006, and involved in the selection of the Trova from the start in the early 1980s. “Trova just kind of snuck into our lives and when it was done, it was a little controversial, but it was done with good intent.” One of the most controversial bits about this silver wonder is its gender, which is not discernable in either direction. “It was meant to be neither male or female, but it’s representative of both,” Herman explained. For a statue that’s so rife with controversy, it certainly gets around, and is building legions of fans through social media outlets. Last year, Trova made its way all around town, as chronicled by Hanuk’s photos on the CFDA’s Facebook page. This year, Trova is sharing its exploits on twitter @CFDATrova. And, Herman adds, “like good fashion, it has stood the test of time.”

Six Questions for Trova

What career did you want when you were 16? If you weren’t an icon, what would you be?
“I started studying dance at a very young age, I have a way with movement that nobody else has I think. My childhood dream was to be a music box dancer but, you know, things change and everything … I’m happy to be a fashion icon though.”

Who is your fashion idol? Whose work do you admire?
“I really love the work of the great American designers, I have love for the new kids on the block but there’s a certain swagger that Mr. de la Renta, Ms. Herrera, Ms. Karan and Mr. Lauren bring to the table that only comes with time and age.”

Who is your biggest fan?
“Oh, it’s probably Prabal Gurung, he tweets me all the time and told me I was his favorite.”

Who are you taking as your date to the Awards?
“Holding out for the Stanley Cup…but if he says no, I’ll just go stag.”

When you get dressed, do you choose clothes to match your accessories or accessories to match your clothes?
“It’s always about the clothes for me, the accessories play second string to the clothes. I can’t have a pair of shoes upstaging everything else.”

If you were getting the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, whom would you choose as your presenter?
“I’d like to have Diane Von Furstenberg – she seems like a woman with her wits about her and I admire her work so much.”