Spotlight on Lexus LFA, Premier Automotive Sponsor of the CFDA Fashion Awards

Spotlight on: LEXUS LFA

Lexus is joining the CFDA Fashion Awards for the first time this year as its premier automotive sponsor. For such a special occasion, Lexus chose to highlight its new flagship exotic sports car, the LFA.

As far back as 2000, Lexus chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahasi had a dream to create a world-class supercar. The challenge was of the highest order: To develop a vehicle with an unprecedented level of sensual and emotional appeal. It had to be a car that caused stirring, a car with surging response, relentless power and an engine source that will give you goose bumps, a car to produce moments of sheer driving rapture. This is a car that’s not about getting you there, but about the journey. And thus, the LFA was born.

Five Questions

What career did you want when you were 16?
“Actually, I’m a long way from 16, so it’s hard to say. But I can see myself in an action movie. Actually you can as well – I am presently appearing in Fast Five.”

Who is your fashion idol?
“Tom Ford. His impeccable tailoring, sharp lines and attention to detail are all traits I can relate to.”

Who is your biggest fan?
“Chief Engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi. Ten years ago, I was just a twinkle in his eye. I guess you could say I’m his love child.”

Who are you taking as your date to the Awards?
“Mila Kunis. She would be a lovely complement to my carbon fiber reinforced Polymer shell.”

When you get dressed, do you choose clothes to match your accessories or accessories to match your clothes?

“As long as my calipers don’t clash with my rims, I’m okay. But while it’s nice to be admired, I think action speaks louder than words.”