Spotlight on Alexander Wang, Nominee for Swarovski Award for Menswear, Accessories Designer of the Year and Womenswear Designer of the Year


2011 Nominee for:

Past Honors:
Winner, 2008 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation
Winner, 2008 Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund
Winner, 2009 Swarovski Award for Womenswear
Winner, 2009 Swiss Textiles Award
Winner, 2010 Swarovski Award for Accessories


There are very few designers that can be considered true triple threats, excelling in women’s, men’s and accessory design. However, Alexander Wang is lining up to be just that person. Originally from San Francisco, Wang attended the Parsons School of Design, interning for Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam and Vogue. Launching his collection in 2007, he took the fashion industry by storm with his alternative way of putting looks together. He is inspired by the way people dress in their down time. His clean, classic and luxurious are tempered with an urban edge whether it’s for his womenswear, his must-have bags and shoes or his new addition, T by Alexander Wang menswear.

Five Questions

What were you doing when you heard about your nomination?
“I was sitting at my desk about to go into a meeting when DVF emailed me”

What career did you want when you were 16? If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?
“I’ve always been infatuated with style and the way people express themselves through fashion, so I kind of always had it in me, but if I had to lean on another profession, it would probably have to be something in music or dance.”

Who are you taking as your date to the Awards?

When you get dressed do choose clothes to match your accessories or accessories to match your clothes?

“I kind of throw it all together last minute and hope it works – nothing really comes first or last.”

If you were getting the CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award, whom would you choose as your presenter?
“Hopefully this is a lifetime a way, so I have some time to think about it.”