Socially Savvy

On a recent afternoon at the CFDA offices, our {FASHION INCUBATOR} designers and nearly 30 of New York City’s most prominent Social Media masterminds congregated for a Social Media Workshop moderated by Curtis Hougland, CEO and founder of Attention USA. The seminar also featured commentary and recommendations from the successful social media team behind kate spade new york  as well as John Jannuzzi, an editor at Lucky Magazine who has created a social media splash using his own personal platforms. The panel reviewed how we can use social media to best represent our respective brands well as ways of maximizing success on each digital platform. A resounding take-away message from the workshop is that we are biologically hardwired to socialize and share—which is why you should join the dialogue and share your feedback by tweeting @CFDA.

Photographs by: Dario Calmese