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As part of the {FASHION INCUBATOR} programming, we host educational lectures and workshops for the participating designers on various aspects of business development for a fashion brand – production and costing, branding, sales, finance, legal and of course…. Public Relations. Elizabeth Musmanno of The Musmanno Group shares her top five tips for emerging designers.


5 PR Tips for Emerging Designers


1. Read WWD every day

WWD is called “The Bible” for a reason. It keeps you in the know about the global industry and who the key players are.   I cannot stress how important that is.  Major!

2.  Go to events.

Network. Network. Network.  Go to every industry event you can.  A 3 minute conversation in a relaxed environment can open doors more than a dozen emails or phone calls.

3. Be patient and tenacious

It can take a multiple seasons before the industry believes you are going to “stick around”. And, after we realize you are here to stay, you only have a few years before you’re not the new kid on the block anymore. During years 3-7, it is a really key time to be on top of your game.  Everyone is watching.

4. Contact the editors

Yes, you can do it.  Who wouldn’t want to hear from a designer? Email is best as editors are out and about working.  Be very personal and thoughtful. One tip: Don’t just reach out when you want something, remember to compliment them if you love a spread they worked on or an article they wrote….

5. Money

Whatever you think it is going to cost to launch your fashion house… add 2 zeros.  Whatever you think you are going to make… minus 1 zero.  Sorry.


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