OneRockwell Hosts Professional Development Seminar

Building eCommerce direct sales seems to be the topic du jour lately. As part of our Professional Development programming, we partnered with local boutique agency, OneRockwell to host a morning workshop on doing just that. Moderated by Shelly Socol, Executive Vice President & Founder of OneRockwell, topics included integrated retail tactics and strategies, branding in the digital age, how to scale your business online, data driven online marketing and design, and the user experience.

Panelists Included:

  • Larry Promisel, SVP Digital Commerce at Camuto Group
  • Heather Kaminetsky, VP of Marketing, the Americas at Net-a-Porter Group
  • Suzanne Norris, President of SRN Consulting eCommerce Strategy and former VP of Kate Spade eCommerce
  • Kayla Wagner, Founder & President, Revel Interactive, Online Marketing
  • Gustavo Waizbrot, Founder & President, OneRockwell
  • Paul Healion, VP of Technology, OneRockwell

Photos by: Dario Calmese