Maria Snyder’s Eco Initiatives

Maria Featured Image

CFDA member, Maria Snyder, is considered a pioneer in the eco-fashion movement.  In the 90’s Felissimo stores announced Maria Snyder as one of the first designers in the world to create an eco-fashion and home collection made exclusively from fibers derived from recycled bottles.

Additionally, Maria Snyder has created ECOBRANDS Posters, an exclusive collection of posters printed on eco-friendly papers. Maria’s artwork displayed on the “We Create the World We Live in” poster was first created when she was an art student in Paris, France and later exhibited in the early 90’s at the Henri Bendel Store on Fifth Avenue, in New York City.

Furthermore, the National Education Association (NEA) has selected Maria’s ECO BOYS AND GIRLS® BOOKS to promote environmental education beginning this past Monday, Earth Day, and continuing throughout the year. The six volume book series, targeted for Pre-Kindergarten to 3rd grade, introduces five animated characters who educate, entertain and inspire youth and families to take action, become better stewards of the environment, and take greater care towards each other.