Karolina Kurkova Visits Maimonides Breast Cancer Center

On October 10th, Karolina Kurkova wearing her Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) t-shirt visited the Maimonides Breast Cancer Center in Brooklyn, New York to meet staff and patients, and take a tour of the one year old center. FTBC donated to the Maimonides Breast Center in 2011, to fund the patient navigator program, a support system for patients beginning at diagnosis through treatment.

Over the last 18 years, the CFDA has helped raised more than $50 million for breast cancer research, screenings and patient care with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC)—the charity set up to honor the memory of Washington Post columnist Nina Hyde, who passed away from breast cancer in 1990. As part of it’s continued work, FTBC has just released a new line of limited edition t-shirts featuring the FTBC logo as well as an advertising campaign starring Karolina Kurkova.

We caught up with the model in order to try and find out more about what compelled her to get involved with the initiative and how she feels she can help raise awareness.


What drew you to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer? 

 As a woman and a mother, I was compelled to join this campaign after learning that 1 in 8 women of all ages will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetime. I am proud to be a part of an organization that is raising funds to combat this epidemic. By purchasing just one t-shirt, you can make a difference.


How do you feel fashion is specially positioned to help raise awareness about women’s health? 

 The fashion community is a powerful one and united they can lead a charge. By purchasing this Fashion Targets Breast Cancer t-shirt, not only are you donating to a great cause, but you are also starting a fashion trend that will save lives, because it acts as a visual reminder to get a check-up every time you open your t-shirt drawer!


What message do you want people to come away with as a result of this year’s project? 

 I hope that this collaboration draws awareness to the 1 in 8 who are affected by breast cancer. And, that in just purchasing one t-shirt, the consumer realizes what a big difference they are making towards finding a cure. Spread the word!


To support Fashion Target Breast Cancer by purchasing a T-shirts go to www.fashiontargetsbreastcancer.com