A Moment with Carly Cushnie & Michelle Ochs

A brand new feature that gives an exclusive look “Inside the Designer’s Studio.”

What did you require/desire when designing your studio space? How did you want it to look and feel?
MO: We wanted the space to feel as light and open as possible and be able to display our clothes in an uncomplicated way.
CC: It was really about striking a balance between functionality and an airy ease.

Which American designer do you most admire?
CC: Mme Gres
MO: Geoffrey Beene

What is the play-by-play of your typical day?
CC: We arrive about 10am generally unless we are leading up to fashion week so we will begin earlier. But the day continues with fittings, production and sales meetings, lots emailing and hopefully sketching at some point.
MO: And lots of laughs in between.

Where do you do your best work?
MO: We just generally need to be together otherwise it’s much less productive.

What is your favorite sound?
CC: The faint sound of birds over the distant garbage trucks
MO: a bbm ping