Media Training Tips for Emerging Designers

Media Training with Braun ProductionsLast Monday Tim Braun, Founder and Executive Producer, and Kathleen Friery, Executive Producer, of Braun Production hosted a Media Training Workshop for the new Fashion Incubator designers.


With over 20 years of experience, Tim and Kathleen worked with the designers on how to articulate their brand story, target customer and the aesthetic of their collection. The Workshop focused on how to effectively communicate their vision during print interviews, television appearances, and in meetings with editors and buyers.


A few of their top tips included:

–          Keep it simple. What is your headline?

–          Learn to take control of the interview – don’t ignore questions, but learn to graciously redirect them

–          First impressions matter

–          Be aware of your body language – never cross your arms, or put them in your pockets…and smile!

–          Eye contact is very important

–          Push your brand – remember to say your brand name more than once

–          Paint a picture for your audience – tell a story that will engage them

–          Make sure you either wear your product or reference it

–          Be nice, and be yourself! 


Following Tim and Kathleen’s presentation, the designer were tasked with explaining the finer points of their design aesthetic and clearly defining their customers in a coherent and engaging way.


Tim and Kathleen’s expert advice and media tips are invaluable tools for the Incubator designers to apply to their business strategy now, and in the future.

Photos by: Dario Calmese