DVF, Steven Kolb on Health and Diversity

MARA HOFFMAN Spring/Summer 2015

Dear Friends,

As we approach New York Fashion Week, let’s remember that beauty is health and health is beauty.  It is also important to remember that beauty is diversity and as an industry, we stand by these two principles. It is essential to remind ourselves of this as we spread the message to the world.

Our Health Initiative guidelines have become the standard for working with models during fashion week. As a refresher, we have included the document which was drafted by our industry for you to review and consider. We strongly believe that models under the age of 16 do not belong on the runway and we ask everyone to follow this belief. Remember, we must consider the emotional and physical well-being of these young women. At a minimum, you are required to adhere to  labor laws (which can be downloaded here) that require models under the age of 18 to have proper documents and schedules. Please don’t hesitate to consult your legal counsel if needed.

We continue to work with Bethann Hardison to champion Diversity on the runway. More information to support this initiative can be found here.

Let’s stand together as an industry and do the right thing.

Diane von Furstenberg and Steven Kolb