Fashion Targets Breast Cancer, Through the Years

In anticipation of the unveiling of our 20th Anniversary Fashion Targets Breast Cancer (FTBC) campaign on August 20th, we gathered some of our favorite FTBC moments from the past 20 years to give you a taste of just how big of an impact this initiative has had on the industry at large.  With the continued support of these global fashion community leaders, we aim to exceed previous records and make FTBCx20 bigger than it has ever been before.

 About FTBC: Fashion Targets Breast Cancer® (FTBC), a charitable initiative of the CFDA/CFDA Foundation, marshals the goodwill and services of every element of the fashion industry (including American fashion designers, international retailers, world renowned models and celebrities, photographers, top media, advertising, and PR firms, among others) to raise public awareness and funds for the breast cancer cause worldwide.