Dinner with Target at The Highline Hotel



On Monday night Target hosted a celebratory dinner and cocktails for the new Fashion Incubator designers at the Highline Hotel. Target has been the Lead Underwriter of the Fashion Incubator program since its inception in 2010. Inaugural class alumni, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of Public School came out to support along with a small group of fashion directors and media.


The evening celebrated four successful years of partnership and was an opportunity for Target to announce the Branding & Retail Summer Series they are hosting for the designers that will culminate with one brand having their own pop-up shop concept actualized by Target.  Additionally, Target will present the designers with an Uncommon Design Challenge, where the winner will see their product sold in select Target stores and online.


“Everyone can design a sketch, but not everyone can build a brand,” said Noria Morales, Target’s director of design partnerships. “The people who made it into this Incubator program have a nose for business, and we recognize that they can be the next great American fashion brands.”


“It’s a very reflective group of what is American fashion overall,” said Steven Kolb, the CFDA’s CEO, who later added, “We have the powerful opportunity to help these ten young American fashion brands move to a new level and to create a business that’s sustainable.”


Photos by: Neil Rasmus, BFA