From Paris to NYC: Catherine Malandrino for DesigNation at Kohl’s

Catherine Malandrino’s exquisite line for Kohl’s  has us transported us to the streets of Paris. Here, the designer recounts her inspiration for the line and more.

Is there a specific part of Paris that inspired your collection for Kohl’s?

The inspiration came from a Parisian day that started from the audacious streets of Saint Germain to the grand Rodin museum down to the romantic Palais Royal, the tres chic place Vendome, and finally the night life of Pigalle.

Where do you look to for inspiration in New York City?

I draw inspiration from the churches of Harlem, the streets of the West Village, the night bars of Brooklyn, the galleries of Chelsea, and the action at the piers. The captivating energy of Manhattan.

When visiting Paris, what is the one place you MUST go?

Eiffel Tower by night that sparkles like champagne.

What is your favorite French inspired location in New York City? 

Promenade of Riverside for its resemblance to the streets of Paris, the restaurant “Aquagrill” for its seafood platters, desserts and French rosé, the Freak collection museum for its artwork and grandiose architecture reminiscent of French palaces such as Le Bristol, Hotel Crillon, Plaza Athenée and the Ritz.

Who did you have in mind when designing the collection for Kohl’s?

I pictured a love story in Paris; an American woman inspired by beauty, grace, and the poetry of French history.