An Evening with Kenneth Cole

Through the CFDA’s “An Evening With…” series, the {FASHION INCUBATOR} designers have the opportunity to listen to established CFDA Members regale stories from their past and how they grew their business into what it is today . Through these impactful oral histories, emerging designers can learn firsthand about mistakes made, obstacles overcome, and successes earned. On Tuesday, January  14, the CFDA’s growing group of {FASHION INCUBATOR} designers all had the chance to listen to Kenneth Cole at his midtown NYC headquarters. With his quintessential wit, Kenneth Cole divulged how he built his juggernaut brand, while also dispensing key axioms that he himself, has lived by, such as: “Make giving back part of the journey. The destination becomes far more rewarding.” The evening culminated with each of the designer’s describing their brands using one word. Staying true to Kenneth’s advice about building a strong brand identity, each designer signified just that—a word emblematic of their unique brand.

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Photographs by: Dario Calmese