An Evening With Diane…

DVF & Incubator

The best way to learn about any craft is by listening to those who have achieved success by paving their own path. This ethos was ever apparent last night when our {FASHION INCUBATOR} designers had the chance to listen to our peerless president, Diane von Furstenberg, regale stories from her past. Beginning with her early days in Belgium and taking us on a vivid sojourn to Capri in 1968 and culminating with present day New York City, our president shared personal stories straight from her couch. Our {FASHION INCUBATOR} designers not only learned about the inception of DVF’s impactful dictum “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress,” they also had the chance to ask questions of their own.  Our president provided indispensable advice to the emerging designers and ended the evening with a quote reverberating in our minds today: “Somewhere along the way, find your identity.”

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