A Moment With Rachel Zoe

Stylist, editor, TV star, author, mother, designer and now CFDA member, Rachel Zoe wears a lot of stylish hats to say the least.  We caught up with the designer and found out her alternative dream job (the answer will surprise you!), her favorite sound, and who her fashion hero is.


Where do you do your best work?   I work best in my design studios in NYC and LA.  Los Angeles is home, but New York is where my career began, so I will always have an emotional attachment to the city.  I am inspired by the diverse style and rich culture that exists in New York City.


What did you require/ desire when designing your studio space? How did you want it to look and feel, and why?  I like clean, modern architecture, with lots of natural light; both of my design studios follow that vibe.  Music is always a must! I love anything from the 70s – Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Neil Young etc.


Who is your fashion hero?  Jane Birkin!  She epitomizes 1970s effortless style.


What is your favorite sound?  My son’s laugh!


What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  A Child Psychologist, I am so fascinated by children and how their minds work.