A Moment with Nili Lotan







A native of Israel, Nili Lotan worked as Senior Design Director at both Nautica and Ralph Lauren before founding her own line, which is known for its functional and laid-back women’s staples, in 2003. Now living and working in Tribeca, she explains the concept behind the store/studio she opened in 2006, as well as her contrasting love of both minimalism and flamenco.


What did you require/desire when designing your studio space? How did you want it to look and feel, and why?

I was inspired by Yves St Laurent’s atelier. I wanted to create the environment of a lab and a space for creative ideas. My studio surrounds the sample-making area and the┬áspace is open so there is interaction between the creative team and the business team all in one place. Plus my store is right upstairs. I call it Studio + Space.

Where do you find inspiration?

Usually in people. And in textiles.

Which American designer do you most admire?

Calvin Klein

What songs or music are on repeat in your studio?

Flamenco music.

What is your favorite place in NYC?

My favorite neighborhood is the Lower East Side. My favorite spot is my apartment in Tribeca.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

A dancer.