A Moment with Lauren Moffatt

A new series, in which CFDA Members give a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day running of their studio.  New Member Lauren Moffatt’s love of art and modern design, as well as her unique sensibility for color, textures and details has made her namesake collection a favorite of Hollywood starlets and real girls alike.  She gives us insight into how her Chelsea studio influences and shapes her work.

Where do you do your best work?
Our Chelsea studio is my perfect work environment.  No distractions, great music, tons of sunlight and fabric galore.

What did you require/ desire when designing your studio space? How did you want it to look and feel, and why?
While I love an inspirational interior, our work space is more about function than beauty.  We have huge windows that flood the space with sunlight all day.   The cutting tables, sewing machines, fabric inventory and pattern racks are the heart and soul of the space.   The studio is about product.

What is your most treasured possession in your studio?
Right now it’s our dress form.  I’m 6 months pregnant and can’t do fittings anymore!

What songs are on repeat in your studio?
We listen to 90.7 all day.  No commercials and great music.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
It would be so hard to choose!  It would have to be furniture.   Right now I’m dying to design furniture.