A Day in the Life: Emily Current & Meritt Elliott

A new series, in which CFDA Members give a behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day running of their studio.

New CFDA Members Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are a celebrated Los Angeles-based duo known for their whimsical and timeless sensibility that recalls classic Americana. The two Northern California natives met in college and are now revered for their success as designers, stylists, and consultants for brands in need of a fresh perspective through their styling, art direction and branding expertise.

Where do you do your best work?:

We always get our best ideas while in the shower or putting on makeup first thing in the morning and then frantically call each other!

What did you require/ desire when designing your studio space? How did you want it to look and feel, and why?:

We are very sensitive to our environment so we created a private, off site design studio that is beautiful old spanish bungalow with lots of natural light and a big grassy yard.   We filled it with vintage treasures and homey rugs and pillows.  We love old Americana and feminine, whimsical touches so the space has really taken on our personality and vibe!

Where do you find inspiration?

We find inspiration in very odd places.  We always say that there is just as much inspiration to be found at a flea market in Paris as there is on a wafer cookie bag at the corner supermarket.  We like interesting color combinations, clothing and prints that feel familiar, nostalgic and the feeling that it has been loved before.  We collect rare vintage denim and pour over it for details.

What is your most treasured possession in your studio? :

A hand writen note from Meredith Melling Burke at Vogue who sent us a kind note after seeing the first collection.  We admire her so much and that note meant a lot to us!

What is your favorite word?:


Who is your fashion hero?:

Tom Sawyer–he may be fictional but we love his suspenders and the way he turned up the hems of his jeans.


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