CFDA, Swarovski, Oscar PR Girl, & Tumblr Come Together

The CFDA Fashion Awards, which took place on Monday, June 3rd, might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about them. After all, with a host like Andy Cohen, presenters like Hillary Clinton and Ralph Lauren, and endearing speeches from Vera Wang and Public School—there’s enough fodder to discuss for days. So, on Wednesday June 5th, the CFDA, Swarovski, Tumblr, and Erika Bearman (also known as Oscar PR girl) co-hosted a screening fête at the CFDA headquarters to keep the conversations circulating. Guests—including a slew of notable Tumblr bloggers—munched on Balthazar pastries amid a sparkling table strewn with Atelier Swarovski jewels, while watching the Awards webcast on The highlight? Receiving insight from the girl who knows best, Erika Bearman, about Oscar de la Renta preparing for his speech.

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